Finalist, 2019 Walkley Book Award

Finalist, Human Rights Commission Media Award

Shortlisted, Victorian Premier's Literary Award

Shortlisted, Australian Book Industry Awards

Longlisted, Indie Book Awards

A shattering book: clear-headed, meticulous, driving always at the truth.

Helen Garner

The most important work of Australian non-fiction this year.

Zora Simic, Australian Book Review

A landmark work by one of our finest journalists.

Nick Feik, editor, The Monthly

Jess Hill is a brave woman. Her book gives us a chance – just a slim one – to shift our thinking on domestic violence past the stalemate we are in.

Gay Alcorn, The Guardian

At the office of Safe Steps, a 24-7 family violence helpline, the phones have gone quiet. “I get nervous when they stop ringing,” says one worker. It’s a rare occurrence. At its busiest, Safe Steps receives a call every three minutes. Many women are repeat callers: on average, they will return to an abusive partner seven times before leaving for good.

“You must get so frustrated when you think a woman’s ready to leave and then she decides to go back,” I say.“No,” replies one phone counselor pointedly. “I’m frustrated that even though he promised to stop, he chose to abuse her again.”

Domestic abuse is a national emergency: one in four Australian women has experienced violence from a man she was intimate with.

But too often we ask the wrong question: why didn’t she leave? We should be asking: why did he do it?

Investigative journalist Jess Hill puts perpetrators - and the systems that enable them - in the spotlight. See What You Made Me Do is a deep dive into the abuse so many women and children experience - abuse that is often reinforced by the justice system they trust to protect them. Critically, it shows that we can drastically reduce the violence - not in generations to come, but today.

Combining forensic research with riveting storytelling, See What You Made Me Do challenges everything you thought you knew about domestic abuse.

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